You are most welcome to join us in any of our meetings for worship. They are open to all.

You will leave the busy world outside and come into the peace and quiet of the Quaker meeting.

In the meeting, we sit together quietly. You will notice the other people: waiting and listening. Everyone is different but we are all doing the same thing.

Close your eyes and listen to all the sounds outside the meeting room. What can you hear inside the room? What can you hear inside you?

In meeting we are all searching for something. Sometimes we have to look in deep, quiet places inside. Find your way into the centre.

In each of us is something wonderful. What do you think it might be? Quakers believes that there is [an inner light] in each of us. Close your eyes. What is [this inner light] like to you?

After meeting, we have time sharing together [over tea and coffee]. We take what we discover home with us.

Quaker meeting and me, Quaker Life, 2010

Meeting for worship is the bedrock of living as a Quaker

In worship we become one with the Spirit, with each other and with our true selves. The Spirit is the source of strength and guidance for all we are and do. Our way of worship is open to all.

Our faith in the future, 2016

First time at a Quaker meeting

If you have not been to a Quaker meeting before you will find the following pamphlet helpful in understanding what is going on and what to do:

Getting ready for Quaker worship (PDF)